No 2 minute green cards.

All round robin matches are 17 minutes one-way. Playoff games on Sunday are 17 minutes one-way. First named team to choose direction. Games are centrally timed and controlled by pitch managers.

No show for games (or not being ready to start within 5 minutes of the hooter) will result in a 5-0 win for the opposing team and possible loss of bond.

Only team members with a Festival wristband will be eligible to play in a team unless approved by Festival Committee.

Teams must have a minimum of 3 ladies for 7-a-side astro games.

The 1st strike at a penalty corner may only be struck by a female player – a strike is any movement that propels the ball towards goal from within the circle.

For the Semi Finals and Final, in the event of a tie at the end of normal time, the match will be decided by a Penalty Shootout competition, using 3 players from each team. If the scores are level after 3 shootouts each, sudden death shootouts will be used to decide the outcome. The same three players must be used but can go in an alternative order.

The Final may be played 11-a-side should both captains agree.


Marked out pitches are for MATCH PLAY ONLY. Please do not use them at any other time.


The Festival cannot be held responsible for any injury, however it is sustained, during the Festival. We advise individuals to obtain insurance, personally or through their hockey club.

Some Umpires are provided by the Festival so please respect their decisions as they are there for your safety. They will not tolerate any threatening or abusive behaviour including foul language.
Teams may be needed to provide a Qualified umpire.

Flip-flops must not be worn. If an umpire instructs you to wear adequate footwear, please respect their request.

DEFINITELY no studded/spiked footwear on ANY pitch.

Shin guards for all games are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Any player who is deemed to be acting in a dangerous or potentially dangerous manner during a game may be asked to leave the pitch by the umpires and/or pitch managers.

The umpires are equipped with a special Tangerine Card. If you are cautioned with this card please respect the decision and remember what they may ask you to do is just for fun and in the spirit of the Festival!

The umpires will be responsible for handing in results to Festival Pitch Managers.